About us



We believe art contributes to the positive evolution of our society to live slower, enjoy what is really important and make better sustainable choices. Visual art is part of our human culture and should be cherished and continue to exist. So starting this art gallery is a conscious choice, the time feels right.


Art has an inherent power to evokes emotions. Encountering a good art piece can struck you. Its beauty, the right combination of colors, forms, materials… or the choice of the image it selves… If art can ‘touch’ your feelings and maybe even let you talk about it, an artist has succeeded in his/her aim.

Surrounding yourself with art you love is a sustainable choice. Art pieces which enlighten your heart can follow you through life time. Therefore we encourage you to carefully pick a piece that really fits

Idiosyncrasy runs like a common thread through our story.

Art always had a place in the life of founder Magali Bleuzé. The pleasure of seeking, creating, growing together – layer by layer – is hardcoded in her DNA. Magali has always made plans intuitively and carried them out with confidence on her gut feeling. Following her values: openness, eagerness to learn, depth, freedom & enjoyment. Every human life is an opportunity for growth. 

Magali combines two passions that search for the essence.
– As an artist art provides a medium to express herself and evoke emotions.
– As a coach & therapist art heals trauma’s as a tool to express blocking feelings.
As founder of Heartmade Gallery those two passions fit together: being surrounded by art work, connecting people and stimulating people to follow their heart. 

Our artists

We are not interested in big names unless they make beautiful work, because that is the only thing that genuinely touches us and that we are convinced also touches the audience: beauty, story and craft. 

Heartmade Gallery is a small community of artists with similar values.
Open minded, sensitive and quirky people with a story, always seeking for the essence of life. Artists with a growth-mindset, perfecting their methods  & experimenting with different mediums. Balancing beauty, story and craftsmanship to create heart made art.

The artists of Heartmade gallery have one thing in common: they simply do their work with integrity and are down to earth. They are all professionals who have built up a technically strong and emotionally lived artistic identity through solid training and/or years of experience.

Our customers

Our customer group is varied and ranges from people who are at the start of expanding their art collection, to seasoned collectors. However, all these people have one thing in common: they don’t like ‘blah-blah’. As a customer at Heartmade Gallery you do not need an expensive explanation as to why you MUST buy a work of art. Our customers simply buy what they love themselves. We are convinced that you just have to FEEL why you WANT a work of art. 

Heartmade Gallery is determined to help customers on their way to something beautiful, strong and lasting. And for the investors: (emotionally) valuable. Our approach is always  tailor-made. We start with a deep dive to really get to know you, so we can connect you with the artists and art works that fit. 

Are works of art a ‘good investment’? While some of our artists have seen the value of their works rises in time, we believe that the best investment is the one you make with your heart. Don’t hang anything on your wall if it doesn’t move you, no matter how much it’s worth or who made it.

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