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On a mission

As founder of Heartmade Gallery I am convinced the time is right to re-value art. The pleasure of seeking, creating, growing together – layer by layer – is hardcoded in my DNA. Connecting art and people is a true mission. Read more on my vision and mission on the “About”-page.

Combining art and coaching balances my soul.

I combine two passions that search for the essence.

As an artist art provides a medium to express myself and evoke emotions.
Every painting is a balance between the conscious – the directed towards a result – and the unforeseen – intuitive inspirations from the heartSince childhood materials inspire me to build fascinating sculptures, timeless objectsI create what touches me in reality or imagination. I also work on commission.

As a coach & therapist art is a tool to heal trauma’s or express hidden blocking feelings. Every human life is for me an opportunity for growth.

Both activities are agile processes which both require a sensitive combination between the conscious and un-conscious, the left and right brain. Using knowledge and intuition. Brain and heartEvery new art project or coaching traject is unique. My approach is always  tailor-made. I start with a deep dive to really get to know the subject or client and defining a goal. The agile character of the process – encountering issues or surprises – gives me a sense of freedom to reflect, evolve and grow. The combination of painting and coaching works for me. It fulfills my most important life values of openness, eagerness to learn, depth, freedom & enjoyment.


Born in Kortrijk, 24th of September 1976, two months early, ready to live. I grew up as daughter of Paul & Monique, an inventive engineer and a passionate teacher. My parents gifted me with the eye to see the beauty of real craftsmanship. Saving earnings to buy that one desired piece. Always curious to find unique antique carpets, oldtimers, chrystal chandeliers… The search for pieces with a soul. 

At the age of 18 it was an evidence to study Architecture in Ghent. A world of opportunities opened. I could savor and experiment with all kinds of visual artsIt is a true pleasure to see my son Wolf following my footsteps as an architect and artist. 

As an open and curious person my professional career took me in different directions. I started to work as an architect and evolved to be a people manager and change manager in the IT, finance and health sector. I learned a lot! 

January 2016 was a turning point. My core values as a person had been too far away from what I was doing. My body literally blocked by a brain stroke. It was a wake-up call to re-design my life. Since December 2017 I am an entrepreneur doing what I love in a way that fits me. I connect my two passions: creating artworks and empowering people by coaching. It feels right.

Art related Education

Painting – KABK Oudenaarde – mentors: Eva De Leener and Bart De Clercq
Master in Architecture – KULeuven – campus LUCA School of Arts Ghent

"When I place a blanc canvas on my easel and smell the oil paint, I feel the happiness of a small kid. The freedom to create makes me forget the real world for a while."​

Magali Bleuzé

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